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Your Incomparable Worth to God

Sermon Series: The Life of Jesus: From Creation to the Cradle to the Cross to the Crown

Sermon Title: Your Incomparable Worth to God

Sermon Text: Matthew 13: 44-46

Sermon Date: January 14, 2018


  1. The Details
    1. The Value

Historian and writer Hendrik van Loon wrote of this world “Ours is a fifth rated planet, revolving around a 10th-rated sun, in the forgotten corner of the universe. But scholar Herbert Lockyer said “Jesus assures us that this world is the object of His concern, and one which He purchased for the manifestation of His glory.”

Purpose of buying the field was to own the treasure.  God so loved the world but not for the planet sake, not for one nation. Not just for the elite, the rich and power. He reached out to

The unlovables-the lepers

To the people who destested him-Manasseh

To the ones who were too busy for him-Matthew the tax collector

To those who were too rich for God-Zacchaeus

To those who were working directly against Him-Saul who later became Paul

To those who constantly messed up-Peter

To those whose hearts sometimes doubted him-Thomas


  1. The View

    Treasure hidden in field. Pearl that has to be sought

  2. The Discovery
  1. The Providence of your salvation
  2. The Perception

The Good News of the Gospel is not what we can do for God, but what He did for us.

  1. If you are saved, you are priceless in value-Both parables are designed to teach us the incomparable value you are to God and His Kingdom.
  2. If you are saved, you value is not superficially visible. Treasure was hidden.  The pearl was sought. The treasure is not outwardly obvious to people.
  3. If you are saved, your value is personally appropriate. Your value is directly related what someone was willing to paid for you and the Sovereign God of the universe was willing to pay your sin debt with His Son Jesus Christ.

  4. If you are saved, your salvation experience may be different from others. In the first parable the man just came across the treasure and in the second he was looking. 
  5. If you are saved, your salvation was made personal by a transaction.
  1. The Devotion
  1. The Sacrifice
  2. The Satisfaction- If you are saved, you are a source of joy to God.

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